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8 ways to escape the rat race
  1. 1. Become very frugal and self-reliant and buy a cheap tiny home, cabin, boat, or van.
  2. How to Escape the Rat Race and Live a Radically Free Life
  3. The Best Online English Teaching Jobs
  4. "What are you going to do with your life?"
  5. How To Escape The Rat Race And Live Abroad As A Digital Nomad

Wondering why all that money you earn seems to go on overpriced rent and drinks you swear could be half the price? And, honestly, anyone can go freelance. From proofreading documents for pocket money through to offering a consulting service for your industry, there are many ways to work smarter, not harder. If your skills are lacking, get training at Udemy. Have you already got a job that pays a nice big monthly salary? Sick of all the office politics, management speak and general feeling of having sold your soul?

One of the best ways to make your dream escape come true is to invest in a project in your dream destination. With a couple of grand in the bank you could invest in a local business anywhere from Thailand to Tanzania or Costa Rica to Congo. Although having a big bank account will help in most cases, there is often opportunity to start with a small basic investment and build from the ground up.

Be aware however that dealing with foreign cultures can be a shock to the system for those used to the Big City culture. Have a look at our article about investing abroad here. Elance A website where companies find, hire, manage and pay location-independent contractors online. Craigslist Resources for remote work opportunities, buying and selling items, meeting people, finding housing, etc.

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Overseas Digest Employment tips and cross-cultural information for Americans working abroad. Includes discussion forums and job listings. A place where schools and English teachers can find each other. Mostly covers opportunities in China and other parts of Asia. TeacherPort TeacherPort provides an easy way for teachers and new graduates to find teaching jobs abroad. Skype Free and low cost video and voice calls over an internet connection. Vonage Phone service that works anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection. HotRecorder This tool allows users to record, play and convert voice communications held over the Internet.

1. Become very frugal and self-reliant and buy a cheap tiny home, cabin, boat, or van.

Can be used for podcasting, online journalism and business. State Department Travel Warnings State Department Consular Information Sheets are available for every country of the world, describing national entry requirements, currency regulations, unusual health conditions, the crime and security situations, political disturbances, and areas of instability.

Included are tips for staying safe from pickpockets and general crime, as well as political violence and terrorism. These courses typically take place over an intensive 4 weeks. Some centres have a part-time option, spreading the programme over a number of months. A lot is crammed into a tight schedule.

TEFL courses will cover language analysis, teaching methodology, observations of experienced teachers and actual teaching practice, amongst other things. Some find it hard going but almost all come away feeling it was well worth the time, effort and money and are ready to teach English abroad. There is no escaping the fact that TEFL is expensive.

How to Escape the Rat Race and Live a Radically Free Life

Inevitably this puts many people off. There are cheaper options but they will not be as comprehensive and will not help your prospects of finding a good job nearly as much. This is the area most covered in this chapter. It sounds pretty obvious, but to teach English abroad you will need to conduct an organised campaign. Have all your information to hand, just as you would for any other job. If you intend using email organise folders on your PC.

All teach English abroad applications, whether speculative or in response to an advertisement, need to contain an introduction, which is a cover letter either in letter or email form at, and a resume.

Public School Teaching Jobs in Thailand

It may be tempting to make a template and use it for most of your applications. This will likely just produce a large number of ineffective applications. Each needs to meet the requirements of the specific job, whether it be advertised or not. Make sure you keep records of all the applications you make, both direct and to other organisations like recruitment agencies, in order to coordinate follow-up letters and phone calls later.

The Best Online English Teaching Jobs

Register the date sent as well as the contact person if there was one, and any follow-up or response. It can be easy to confuse the names of different schools and staff, particularly when teaching English abroad as you will be dealing with a foreign language. Keep all the info in one place, a log book or Excel file on your pc.

When sending out a number of similar emails or letters it is easy to make silly errors.

"What are you going to do with your life?"

More than in other lines of work, poor grammar, misspellings and typos need to be avoided like the plague. Make certain you clearly specify the date you can start. One of the first things anyone reading an application for a teach English abroad job will check is availability.

Also make sure you state the minimum time you are likely to stay. Putting your availability as being less than 10 months may damage your chances.

How To Escape The Rat Race And Live Abroad As A Digital Nomad

Not only will you be able to respond to calls immediately, it will show you are organised and easily contactable, two things which are very important to any employer. It is well worth making follow-up enquiries, especially if you applied from home and have now relocated. It is essential to update any phone and address details and make it known that you are available for interview immediately or give a date on which you will be. There are many reasons to teach English overseas such as seeing the world, escaping the rat race or just wanting a new experience.

Few occupations give you the flexibility to choose where you live and how you work.

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Another major attraction is the relative accessibility of work. Unlike in other professions, initial training is usually short, typically a few weeks, although learning and acquiring the skills to teach successfully can take much longer. Each student and class is different and no two days are the same.

Furthermore, starting a new job in a far-off land you may not have been to before, starting a new job can be daunting especially having few or no contacts there.

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The job can be certainly challenging. The key to finding work as well as teaching itself is keeping an open mind. With good planning and preparation the rewards more than outweigh the challenges. Teachers enjoy the satisfaction of seeing pupils improve, developing their own language skills, meeting people from all walks of life, some of whom may become lifelong friends, as well as the flexible lifestyle and the opportunity to travel and see the world. There is a huge variety of potential work for anyone who wants to teach English overseas.